Trauma Therapy

It is a ground-breaking treatment & assessment system specialising in finding and treating the underlying root cause to many conditions, creating an improvement even in the most chronic conditions.

It is capable of accelerating sporting performance & recovery by instantly increasing muscle power not only in athletes/ sub-elite but in those starting out training to get in shape.

KORE is unique in instigating a natural recovery response for many conditions, witnessed through its unique functional muscle testing diagnostic system before and after treatment.

Every session of Kore therapy begins with Evaluation followed by intervention to have a measurable effect on the body for injury recovery and increased performance of the system as a whole.

This is done by muscle testing all the major muscles in the body to determine where the pattern of muscle failures are in the body at that moment in time. That informs us of adaptions in the body from the injury or adaptions in the body that pre-existed leading to the potential for injury in the first place.

Quite often the area that is sore and painful gets all the attention and while pain is not nice and hurts its not normally the root cause of the problem, just where the body couldn’t adapt any more and thus screams the loudest.

This is where the muscle testing and evaluation in very important so we can determine where the actual problem is rather than just treating the pain.

After muscle testing has been done we can than make an intervention (what we have done to help the imbalances we have found) and re-test to measure what the changes are to the major muscles strength, the pattern of imbalance that was located and the effect on the painful area and notice the difference in pain levels as a result of the treatment.

We normally repeat this process until the pattern has virtually disappeared and the pain the person was suffering from is gone and all the adaptations that either started the body on the road to injury are also cleared too.