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Paul has such a huge understanding of the body and was extremely informative and helpful. He really gets a full overview of what is going on for you and how it impacts your body. I have had immediate results from the first appointment. Paul gives great health advice. After each appointment I learn so much from Paul and feel so much better.

Jenny Doherty


I went to Paul when I was 36 weeks pregnant on a recommendation from one of the midwifes in the hospital. My baby was breech and I had a week to try and get it to change position. I had never attended acupuncture before so I didn’t know what to expect. Paul was very professional and I felt very relaxed during the treatment. On my next visit to the hospital my baby was in the perfect position.

Dervla Lillis


Great healer, Paul O’Regan understands the demands on the body of training hard, and not only treats the symptoms but finds the root cause and educates about looking after yourself, self healing techniques and excellent advice for finding balance between busy working life, family life and training hard. Highly, highly recommend.

Andy Minshull


Paul is a miracle worker! He doesn’t just treat the symptoms of an issue, he goes straight to the underlying causes and he’s helped me every time I’ve gone to him. Most recently I’ve seen him for treating my plantar fasciitis in both of my feet which pretty much made me unable to walk and even one treatment in, I was back on my feet. I cannot recommend him enough.

Luke Sheridan